If you are looking for the best YouTube MP3 downloader for you smartphone, then don't miss this post!

There are many great music websites on the market nowadays: YouTube, SoundCloud, Epitonic, etc.

It may because music plays a more and more important role in people’s daily life.

Those music buff can’t even live without it.


Music is such a thing that you listen to time and time again and never get tired, especially the classic music.

People listen to music, sad or happy, busy or free.

Therefore, a Youtube music downloader also becomes quite important when you can’t connect to Wi-Fi all the time.

Considering the copyright concerns, one can’t download music from the YouTube app.

This phenomenon makes YouTube mp3 downloader quite important to the public.

What’s the Best YouTube MP3 Downloader

As to those who are not familiar with mp3 downloaders, picking the one they really need is not that easy.

Fortunately, there are many useful tricks telling you how to do that.

For example, all music downloaders support some websites.


If you are looking for a YouTube mp3 downloader, then SnapTube, a downloader too, should not be taken into consideration, since it doesn’t support the YouTube app.

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There is no doubt that InsTube is one of the best YouTube mp3 downloaders.

It is safe and absolutely free.


In addition, the user interface is also very friendly.

You can find YouTube in the first place when you enter this video downloader.

Now, let's take some features of InsTube as an example to see what a good YouTube mp3 downloader should be.

  • Download music from 40+ sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. One can enter the YouTube app on InsTube directly.
  • Choose the download quality to save memory on your Android device.
  • Inbuilt locker to protect privacy with passwords.
  • Absolutely free; download without sign-up.
  • Fast and simple. One can download many songs at the same time and download with multiple network connections.

Top 3 Ways to Download YouTube Music

Before you start the download, install InsTube video and music downloader app to your device.

There are two ways to do that.

Firstly, download and install InsTube in app stores like Uptodown.com or Download.com.

Secondly, click the button below to directly download the safe YouTube MP3 downloder.


 You can tap the button below to get this app immediately and turn to how to install InsTube if you have any problems.

Notice: InsTube is not on Google Play due to Google’s Policy.

The policy will prohibits YouTube downloading apps for copyright concern, so make sure your device allows for third-party apps to be downloaded.

After the installation, you can download free mp3 music with this smart app.

InsTube provides several ways to download YouTube music.

Those who are familiar with YouTube may prefer to download on YouTube app directly.

One can also enter the YouTube website from InsTube and download on InsTube app.

All in all, these three ways below are all quite easy. Let’s have a look together.

Way 1. Download YouTube Music on YouTube App

You can download YouTube music with several easy steps.

Step 1: Open InsTube firstly.

Then open the YouTube app and search for the music you want to download.

Tap on the music to play it.


Step 2: One can see a share button below the music video.

Tap on it and then choose “Download with InsTube” on the pop-up page.

The page will turn to InsTube now.


Step 3: Tap on the download button shows on the bottom right corner.


Step 4: Choose the mp3 format in the page that appears from the bottom of the screen.

Then, tap on “Fast Download”.


Step 5: Now, you can check the download in your files.

Simply tap on the download button on the upper right corner to do that.


Remember, you can download many songs at the same time. it is not necessary to download one by one.

Way 2. Use the Youtube MP3 Downloader to Get the Music

Step 1: Open InsTube and find the YouTube icon on its homepage.

Tap on that icon to enter the YouTube website.


Step 2: Search for the music you want to download and tap to play it.

Then, a red download button will appear on the bottom right corner.

Tap on that button.


Step 3: Select mp3 in the format field and click on “Fast Download”.


Step 4: The download starts now.

You can check it by tapping on the download icon on the upper right corner.


Way 3. Copy and Paste URL 

You can also download YouTube mp3 music by copying the URL of the music.

Step 1: Copy the URL of the music you want to download.

And then, paste it into the search box of InsTube.

After that, tap on the pop-up result.

Step 2: As the music starts to play, a red download button will appear on the bottom right corner.

Tap on that button and choose mp3 in the format field that pops up.


Step 3: Check your download by tapping on the download icon in the top right hand corner of the page.


Now, you have a basic knowledge of the top YouTube mp3 downloader APK for Android and the three easy ways to download YouTube music.

Besides, you can also download videos from Youtube in other 6 ways

Get InsTube now and start to download your favorite YouTube mp3 music!

It should be noted that the ways are suitable for downloading music from the 100+ sites supported by InsTube.

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