InsTube APK 2020 - Many movies have been postponed to hit the theatrical screen since the COVID-19 pandemic. But thanks to the Internet, and now we can stream many film videos online. However, the poor network connection will result in a bad video watching experience.

So, many people start searching Instube APK, and they download and install the video downloader for great online streaming and video download services, like YouTube, Song Live, Facebook, and more.

About InsTube Video Downloader App

InsTube apk download

InsTube is not only a youtube video downloader app but also an all-in-one tool that lets you: convert videos to MP3, watch all videos on one app, download pictures from Instagram, store your private downloads, and more.

When You Need an All-in-One Video Downloader?

Let’s look at some situations where you need to download a video:

  • Your smartphone has not enough storage for various video apps like Hotstar, Youtube, Dailymotion, Voot, etc.
  • You don’t have enough data plan, so you have to download videos for offline watching.
  • The place you stay lacks network coverage, or the network ruins your streaming experience.
  • You are a vlogger and need a lot of video, music, and image resources in HD formats.
  • You want to transfer a video to MP3 or audio.
  • You want to download your favorite videos for your collection.
  • You are looking for tools to protect your private videos or images with a password.

Main Features of InsTube

main features of InsTube

InsTube all-in-one downloader comes with extensive features:

  1. Free HD Videos Downloader

When you install InsTube apk on your Android device, then you can download videos in various qualities from HD 720p to UHD 4K. All high-quality videos are free! Also, optional media formats are available, such as MP4, MP3, PNG, M4A, etc.

  1. Music Getter and Converter

As a digital media app, InsTube offers auto video-to-MP3 conversion when you want to extract the audio from a music video. So, with InsTube music downloader, it is easy to download music from the Internet.

  1. Fast Download Speed

With InsTube apk install, you can also experience a higher download speed than other downloaders. Get your favorite videos in seconds!

  1. Massive of Media Websites

Built-in with a smart browser, InsTube lets you download movies, videos, or music from youtube, soundcloud, instagram, facebook, sonyliv, Tiktok, and other 100 media sites. Thus, you can save your phone storage with the all-in-one video downloader.

  1. Private File Locker

InsTube app provides a safe place for your unmentionable videos or pictures, like xxhub videos. You can set a password and keep your privacy a secret in the File Locker.

how to download Instube apk

InsTube APK Download for Android

The video downloader is stable on Android devices, and you can download InsTube apk in different versions:

Download InsTube APK 2020: for Android (Latest Version)

InsTube official site provides the latest InsTube apk version:


Also, you can go to the app store of your Android smartphone for the latest InsTube apk download, like OPPO or Xiaomi:

Note: The Android video downloader app has not launched Play Store due to Google policy which prohibits apps to download YouTube videos.

InsTube APK Download (Old Versions)

If you are looking for the InsTube apk download in old versions, then you can visit InsTube Forum to download them:

Click to get InsTube apk download in old versions

InsTube APK for PC Download

Sometimes, it is convenient to get youtube videos or other media files with an online downloader. Then, you need an InsTube PC downloader:

Click to visit online video downloader for PC

Note: InsTube apk download and install is not available on iPhone or other iOS devices now. But we will inform you here as soon as it is available in the future.

That’s it. All above are the details about InsTube apk download.