It is a great pleasure to spend the leisure time watching some videos. This article is for those who are looking for a video downloader to get videos from YouTube and other websites.

If we are able to save videos to our devices, we never need to worry that some videos, like our loving movies, will be taken offline and we have to find it from here to there.

Other times, video download just provide much convenience since we can enjoy video in high-quality smoothly even if we are not connected to the network.

InsTube video downloader is one of the best video downloaders for Android users. It is free and safe. Moreover, the one-stop services provided by this video downloader is also great.

InsTube Video Downloader: Stream All Videos Online

Enter InsTube video downloader, one can see almost all the sites included by this downloader. It lets users watch videos from many popular sites, including YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter, which are listed above others on the top.

There are also Dailymotion, Hotstar, Vimeo, and SonyLIV, etc. Almost all great sites are contained. In other words, users can enter any one of those sites to stream their loving videos.


If you want to stream videos from other websites which are not included by InsTube video downloader, you can use the search box on the top to find it, since this video downloader has a built-in browser.

Moreover, you can also send us a request about the site you like via, InsTube will try to satisfy you by adding that app.

About Installing InsTube Video Downloader

Google play doesn’t include those YouTube downloaders. Therefore, the best way is to download and install it from its official website Or you can directly download InsTube video downloader via:


Of course, excepting Google Play, many app stores, like Aptoide or, allow users to download and install InsTube video downloader.

Download Videos Via InsTube Video Downloader

InsTube video downloader lets users watch and save videos. There are lots of advantages to get videos with this downloader.

4K Video Downloader

InsTube is a 4K video downloader that offers video download in 4K resolution. Users can also save videos of any quality including HD and full HD at a blazing speed. Get InsTube video downloader to enjoy video offline now!


10X Faster Downloading

On InsTube video downloader, users are able to download videos with multiple network connections. One can set the max download tasks and fast download mode in settings to get many tasks at the same time at 10X faster speed.


YouTube Video Converter


InsTube video downloader is also a YouTube converter. When one saves a music video on YouTube, one can see the options to download the audio or video or both; one can download a song in MP3 or HD format.

When you find the video you like on InsTube video downloader and start to play it, a red button will appear. Tap on it and then you can choose the video sizes on the pop-up page. After that, the download starts.



Play Videos on InsTube Video Downloader

After the download, which only takes several easy steps, users can choose to continue watching the video online or play it offline. The video will be saved in the DOWNLOAD file.

Tap on the menu icon or tap on the download icon on the top to find and open that file. InsTube video downloader has a built-in player letting users play videos in it.

The Private Video

The InsTube video locker is prepared for users who have the need to lock their videos sometimes. If others want to play the videos being hidden, they must enter the passwords you have set for it. The private videos will be kept in Privacy.

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InsTube video downloader is the best place to watch videos online and offline. If you want to get videos from YouTube or other websites, this video downloader is absolutely the best choice. You can get all videos in different sizes within seconds and there will be no problems.

You can download InsTube video downloader here to get your loving videos.