WhatsApp video often comes with the kinds catering to all people.

As we all know, WhatsApp is one of the top popular instant messengers with multimedia sharing features.

Each day, you can enjoy manifold videos, such as WhatsApp funny video, WhatsApp status video, WhatsApp hot video, etc.


Meanwhile, downloading WhatsApp videos comes to a basic requirement so that people can share the files onto many other social platforms. But If you'd rather do without the hassle of downloading a WhatsApp video via the way they’ve recommended, you can always use an all-in-one tool to make it.

The Best Way to Download the Latest WhatsApp Videos 2018

Although there are many video downloaders that allows you to download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, SoundCloud music, etc., it’s still hard to find a professional and versatile video and music downloader that supports WhatsApp video download.

Thanks to InsTube, an all-in-one video and music downloader, you can now stream and download the whole entertainment world on your Android for free.


Here are parts of the amazing features of this great downloader:

  • Over 100 entertainment sites are available for common multimedia files download, like songs, movies, anime, pictures and more.
  • A special downloading acceleration tech has been added to speed up your video streaming and downloading.
  • One can download videos in all the popular formats with different kinds of resolutions, including 4K, 1080p, 720p, and other HD videos.
  • One can share any multimedia files onto the all the social media sites through InsTube whether the files are downloaded or hidden.
  • The built-in Video Locker has been introduced to protect users’ personal privacy. One can hide private videos, music or pictures on the Android by adding a password.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for WhatsApp Video Download

There are 6 ways to download WhatsApp videos, YouTube videos and videos on other sites.

And here is one of the available ways to quickly get the mind-blowing viral WhatsApp videos through InsTube.

Step 1. Install the All-in-One Video and Music Downloader on Your Android

Firstly, you need to install InsTube on your Android. You can access the APK file via many channels.

It is a secure app verified by McAfee, CM Security and Lookout, so you can get the installer from both the official site and the popular App sites, like Uptodown and Aptoid. After that, allow your Android to install a third-party app in “Settings”.


Step 2. Search the Latest WhatsApp Funny/Hot/Bollywood/Status Videos

When it finishes the installation, you can launch the app with or without your social media account.

Note: InsTube allows users not to sign up with the accounts, but if you want to experience more, for example, the Offerwall, then you need to sign up.

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Next, tap the “WhatsApp” icon on the homepage and make a video search.

You can stream lasted videos in abundant genres here, such as funny Hollywood, WhatsApp status videos, dance videos, Indian occasional special videos, Dubsmash videos and so on.


Step 3. Download WhatsApp Videos within InsTube

Select the WhatsApp video to your taste and tap the red “Download” button with lightning on the bottom right corner to confirm downloading.

Then choose the video format from the pop-up menu and tap “Fast Download” button to start downloading.


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Here are some high hits WhatsApp videos you can download by a firm tap on the title to copy and paste the link into InsTube search bar.

Once it completes the video download, you can go to “My File” via the top right corner icon. Tap the “Play” button to watch the video or tap “Share” button to forward it as your WhatsApp video status.


Besides the WhatsApp video download, InsTube also supports you convert the video to audio format or simply play it as music.

If you want to export the video file onto your computer, just use a USB cable to transfer the file.

InsTube, the all-in-one video and music downloader, will be your great WhatsApp video and music download assistant helping you enjoy a world of entertainment.

That’s it. We are extremely inspired by communication with you and always happy to read your thoughts and feedbacks.

Check our Forum and feel free to let us know the WhatsApp videos you’ve downloaded and the reason of InsTube you pick.

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