If you are an active user of InsTube application, don't forget to earn InsTube credits through daily tasks.

This post has listed all the daily tasks for you and told you the way to exchange InsTube credits into real money.

Earn InsTube Credits and Exchange Money

How to Earn More InsTube Credits?

1. Keep Using InsTube for 3 Minutes (10 credits)

You will get 10 InsTube credits once you have log in InsTube and keep using it for 3 minutes. It's better not to exit InsTube so that you won't waste your time on logging in.

Earn InsTube credits

earn 10 credits by using InsTube for 3 minutes

2. Daily Bonus (10 - 40 credits)

10 credits will be given to you when you click "Daily Bonus" at Day1.

The bonus you get in the later days will increase only if you last the action for 7 days. Once you forget to get daily bonus one day, the bonus you get the next day will be back to 10 credits.

earn InsTube credits from daily bonus

3. Download Offerwall Apps (50 credits)

InsTube has provided many apps for its users, such as flashlight, photo editor, music equalizer, games, etc. You will be rewarded with 50 credits in a single day if you install 3 of the apps.

earn InsTube credits by downloading offwall apps

Notice: If you install an app and re-install it the next day, InsTube won't give you credit again.

4. Download a Video/Audio (30 credits)

Once you download a video/audio via InsTube, 30 credits will be added to your account.

To get the credits, you can download any video or music through any website listed on the homepage, or tap "Do it" button to choose a website to download.

earn InsTube credits by downloading a video or audio

5. Share a Video/Audio (30 credits)

It is easy to share a video/audio to get 30 InsTube credits. Tap the download button at the upper right corner and then choose a video to share with your friends.

earn InsTube credits by sharing a video or audio

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6. Move a Video/Audio into Private Space (10 credits)

InsTube offers privacy protection for its users, which helps to hide videos in the Private Space. Click a downloaded video and choose "Hide" option.

Then, the video will be moved to the Private Space, where everyone needs to enter a correct password to watch the videos in it.

earn InsTube credits by moving a video to private space

7. Draw a Lottery (10 credits)

You can earn 10 InsTube credits if you draw a lottery. If lucky, you have the opportunity to get $10, $1, $0.5, $0.01, 100 credits, or 50 credits; if not, you get nothing.

earn money and credits from InsTube

If you got "thank you" after drawing a lottery, it's available to draw again by exchanging credits into a lottery ticket(s) - 50 credits for 1 ticket, 240 credits for 5 tickets, 450 credits for 10 tickets.

Go to "Credit Exchange" in "Profile" and scroll down the page to exchange. Then back to "Profile" after exchanging ticket and tap "Lottery Center" to draw a ticket(s).

exchange credits into lottery

How to Exchange InsTube Credits into Money?

The main purpose of earning InsTube credits is to exchange them into money, which you can withdraw via PayPal or card.

Since you have earned many credits by doing daily tasks, it's time to exchange the InsTube credits into dollars.

Tap "Profile" - "Exchange Center" and then you can start to exchange InsTube credits.

exchange InsTube credits into money

Choose an option to exchange if your credits are enough.

exchange InsTube credits into dollars

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