Many people are looking for ways to download Pornhub videos for excitement. But the site only allows its users to upload videos.

So, what if you want to have fun offline?

Today, let’s see how to get Pornhub video download onto your Android device.

how to download Pornhub videos InsTube

Before the step-by-step guide, you may want to know something interesting about this video site:

About Pornhub

Well, as you know, is the largest pornography site across the world.

Statistically, with over thousand-millions of clicks, Pornhub ranks the top 8 in visiting, above that of Instagram.

Do people only stream porno videos for sensation-seeking?

Actually, you never know what they are watching on Pornhub!

Pornhub website logo

Besides the recreation without restriction, Pornhub is also a site providing interesting videos like YouTube.

For example, cooking videos or college courses.

But what makes us surprise is that Pornhub is also an outlet for TRUTH.

Latest Gossip

Internet users flocked to Pornhub around 13 November 2019, searching trending videos with the keyword “Hong Kong” and hoping to discover the truth.

What happened?

According to the reports, one of the Hong Kong anti-government protesters (also depicted as rioters) set on fire to a 57-year-old man on 11 November during their verbal clash.

Hong Kong rioters videos deleted by Pornhub

Videos were circulated, but people can only watch the videos clipped by news media.

Ironically, the truth is in a den of iniquity.

Then, some tried to upload the full videos on social platforms like Twitter and YouTube, but they were deleted repeatedly by the platforms.

Before that, YouTube also removed videos or banned accounts related to Hong Kong with the excuse for spreading misleading information, even Nathan Rich’s videos.

Nathan Rich Hong Kong Pornhub video

Finally, Internet users have to upload the videos to Pornhub to help the gossips learn about the event.

So, Pornhub got a sharp rise of visiting recently. And there’s a banter: To know the TRUTH, you can only visit the pornography site and watch the news.

Porbhub video Hong Kong truth

Now that it is a treasure site, although some videos may be unaccountably deleted, then how should we download the nice videos on Pornhub before they are removed?

Best Way to Watch and Download Pornhub Videos

Since most of us take an Android device on the go every day, here we are going to show how to download Pornhub Video on an Android phone.

A Pornhub video downloader app is a must for having fun.

Here we will take InsTube Pornhub Video Downloader App as an example.

It is a free downloader available for video downloads from Pornhub, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more.

InsTube Pornhub Video Downloader App

Yes, you don’t need to log in any page and even the app.

Let’s see how it works:

Step #1: Search the Video on Pornhub

After installing InsTube APK, you can search the video on Pornhub with your keywords within InsTube app.

search Pornhub video InsTube

Step #2: Select Video Option

On the video streaming page, you will have a red round button at the bottom right corner.

Click the button to call the download options. Then select the video qualities you need.

download button InsTube

Step #3: Download Pornhub Video

Tap the “Fast Download” button to start your Pornhub video download.

fast download Pornhub video download

After it finishes the video download, you can go to “My Files” within InsTube to check your downloaded files.

check My Files InsTube Pornhub video

Also, you can paste a Pornhub video URL to InsTube and quickly download it.

Note: may be prohibited in some countries or districts. In this case, you can use a VPN program to connect to the site.

For example,

How to open Pornhub in India – Launch your VPN and locate at a node that allows the site visit, and then use InsTube to download Pornhub videos.

Now, try this all-in-one video downloader app below:


*Notice: Children under age 17 should use InsTube app accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Is it the best way to download Pornhub video?

Besides Pornhub videos, if you have a higher demand for online videos from Xnxx, YouPorn, RedTube, XVideos or more, Instube is here for you.

Popular sites that InsTube supports:

InsTube supports 100 video sites

Download Pornhub videos and enjoy yourself!

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