Baaghi movie draws people’s attention again four years after its release. Due to the 3rd Baaghi installment this March, the search for Baaghi full movie download also becomes a trending recently.

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Directed by Sabir Khan, Baaghi (2016) features Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor and Sudheer Babu in the leading roles.

If you want to re-watch Baaghi: A Rebel for Love movie, then read on the following content.  Today, InsTube Movie will review Baaghi full movie here.

Baaghi 2016 movie


Baaghi (2016)

Baaghi movie 2016 poster

The following is some basic info of the film:

  • Original Title: Baaghi
  • AKA: Baaghi: A Rebel in Love
  • Language: Hindi
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Release Date: 29 April 2016
  • Runtime: 133 min
  • Box Office: ₹ 125.92 crore
  • Director: Sabir Khan
  • Cast: Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu

Now, let’s see more details:

Baaghi Movie Songs

Baaghi movie songs download

Baaghi movie album contains 6 soundtracks. And the following is the song list.

Baaghi Movie Songs:

  • "Agar Tu Hota"
  • "Cham Cham"
  • "Girl I Need You"
  • "Let's Talk About Love"
  • "Sab Tera"
  • "Get Ready To Fight"

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Baaghi Full Movie Download in Hindi

Baaghi 2016 Hindi movie

To protect the movie copyright, it is recommended to online watch Baaghi full movie or download it via movie sites with the copyright.

But how should we download Baaghi full movie in Hindi?

How to Download the Movie

how to download Baaghi movie

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Movie Review

Baaghi movie review

In reality, there are 3 Baaghi movie sequels: Baaghi (2016), Baaghi 2 (2018) and Baaghi 3 (2020).

Released on 29 April 2016, Baaghi shot to fame after hitting the screen and earned over ₹125 crore across the worldwide box office, whereafter Baaghi 2 movie won a box office of ₹257 crore in 2018.

Baaghi movie screenshot

Now, Baaghi 3 of the franchise has started on another high note, and the viewing climax may create a new record.

Next, let’s check more of Baaghi full movie:


Baaghi 2016 movie screenshot

Ronny (Tiger Shroff), also named Ranveer Pratap Singh, leaves home for Kerala to learn martial arts.

On his way to the martial arts school, he meets Sia Khurana (Shraddha Kapoor). Later, both fall to each other. Meanwhile, Raghav Shetty (Sudheer Babu) falls in love with Sia, and starts to woo her.

Ronny and Sia

In school, Ronny learns martial arts from Guruswamy (Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj). In fact, Guruswamy is Raghav’s father, but he treats Ronny like his own son. So, Ronny holds deep feeling towards Guruswamy.

Guruswamy and Ronny

Sia’s father P.P. Khurana (Sunil Grover) wants to marry Sia to Raghav because Raghav promises him a sum of money. With this in mind, Sia’s father separates the love-birds by creating some misunderstanding between them.

Raghav kidnaps Sia

But Guruswamy tries to stop this marriage. Outragedly, Raghav kills his father.

When knowing the truth, Ronny, as a rebel boy, decides to avenge his teacher’s murder and rescue Sia from Raghav’s kidnap.

What will Ronny do next?


Tiger Shroff as Ronny

Tiger Shroff acted as the leading man, Ronny/Ranveer Pratap Singh in Baaghi (2016) movie. Likewise, he was the leading actor in the next two sequels.

Shroff did all his own stunts in Baaghi, making the action movie watchable. Also, you will applaud for his brilliant performance in Baaghi 2 and 3.

Ronny in Baaghi film

Besides, Tiger Shroff also appeared in many super-hits, like:

The main cast:

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj

  • Tiger Shroff - Ranveer Pratap Singh
  • Shraddha Kapoor - Sia Khurana
  • Sudheer Babu - Raghav Shetty
  • Sunil Grover - PP Khurana
  • Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj - Guruswami
  • Sourav Chakraborty - Biju

Baaghi cast

That’s it.

This is all about Baaghi Full Movie Download.

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