Original Drishyam full movie got its Malayalam version release in 2013. It won a box office of ₹750 million.

Drishyam full movie download 2013 Malayalam 2015 Hindi

But it was Ajay Devgn who made Drishyam film famous.

In 2015, the Hindi remade version became a huge box-office success (₹110 crore).

Well, you can watch the film online from sites like YouTube or Hotstar.

But what if you want to download the movie for offline watching this weekend?

Don't worry.

The following is TOP 3 ways for Drishyam full movie download.

top 3 ways to download Drishyam full movie

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Before the film download, let’s make it clear:

About Drishyam (दृश्यम) Film Versions

This thriller movie tells about a crime story of a family:

The film hero’s daughter gets sexual harassment by a police’s son. But the culprit is mis-killed by the family. After that, the whole family starts contending with the police.

Drishyam 2015 movie still screenshot

Plus, the movie has been remade several times in recent years.

How many versions are there in Drishyam movie?

In fact, Drishyam movie has 6 language versions:

6 languages Drishyam movie

OK. Now, which Drishyam movie are you looking for?

Today, let’s see how to download Drishyam full movie in Hindi and Malayalam.

#1. Download Movie with a Video Downloader

We all know video websites offer movies and TV-Shows.

But what flinches you from going to these sites?

Maybe it is because you have to register or pay for a month!

register pay for movie download site

But you can use some convenient tools to download films without login.

For example,

InsTube is one of the movie downloaders available for Drishyam full movie download.

It supports downloading from over 100 video sites, like YouTube, Voot, Hotstar, Dailymotion and more.

InsTube video downloader app supports 100 sites

Yes! Without logging in any site or app.

And this is how it works:

Step 1. Download and Install InsTube App

Firstly, you need to install the app to your Android phone.

Directly download it via:


Step 2. Search Movie or Paste a Film URL

Search the movie you want. Or you can paste the URL to get film resources.

For example,

You search "Drishyam full movie".

Then, tap the red lightning button.

For example,

You can download Drishyam Malayalam movie from Hotstar on InsTube:

download Drishyam Malayalam movie Hotstar

And Drishyam Hindi movie on Hotstar:

download Drishyam Hindi movie on Hotstar

Drishyam in Malayalam version with English subtitle from YouTube:

download Drishyam in Malayalam YouTube

Hindi movie from YouTube:

download Hindi movie from YouTube

Try pasting these movie URLs:

  • https://www.hotstar.com/movies/drishyam/1000051783/watch
  • https://www.hotstar.com/movies/drishyam/1000074189/watch
  • https://youtu.be/h4PPJ6crBQU
  • https://youtu.be/B00GW3GpKvg

Step 3. Select Video Qualities and Download

Choose the video quality you need.

For example,

"720p (MP4) HD".

Then, tap the red "Fast Download" button.

tap fast download Drishyam full movie

After that, you can check the downloaded movie in "My File".

Note: If you want to make money from InsTube, you can log in InsTube with a Facebook or Google account.

#2. Get Drishyam Full Movie Download from Film Database

If you are used to watching films on a laptop or desktop, it is suggested to visit some sites gathering up movies.

For example, uTubeMate.com.

It is a movie and music video database in which you can download Drishyam full movie.

Drishyam Malayalam full movie uTubeMate com

Drishyam Malayalam full movie download utubemate

It offers Drishyam film online, casts, trailer, music and more.

Drishyam full movie watch online

#3. Watch Movie Online with Torrent

Also, you can go to sites like Torrent Download, 1337x.to and ThePirateBay.org to get Drishyam full movie torrent.

Drishyam full movie Hindi 1337x to

Check the speed, size, added dates of the Drishyam movie torrents. And then choose the movie quality you need to download.

Drishyam full movie Malayalam 1337x to

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Well, it is your turn to watch Drishyam film.

In short, InsTube is a convenient video downloader app for movies or MP3 download, while sites like uTubemate.com and 1337x.to are for PC.

But usually, Instube is the preferred one for Drishyam movie download.

Plus, this app will reward you $100 for watching and sharing videos.

Why not use it?

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