Are you looking for the easiest way to perform Kannada movie download?

Do you want to download Kannada movie for free?

It is well-known that Kannada film industry is also called Sandalwood.

As the fifth largest Indian film industry, Sandalwood is making more and more good movies, such as Chakravarthy (2017)Rajakumara, Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu.

If you are a Kannada movie fan, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will show you how to get Kannada movie download free and fast.


A Powerful App for Kannada Movie Download

If you want to perform Kannada movie download on your Android phones for free, InsTube video downloader app is highly recommended.

More than 100 streaming sites are supported on InsTube, so you can search and find all your favorite movies in Kannada, Hindi, English and so on.

InsTube is so easy to navigate that you can not only watch Kannada movies online, but also download Kannada HD movies to your phone in seconds.


You don’t need to worry about malware threats and virus threats, because InsTube has been verified by Lookout, CM Security, McAfee.

It runs smoothly on your Android phone.

Multiple resolution is available, then you can download high definition Kannada movies.

The download speed is fast, and bulk download can be completed very quickly.

After using this all-in-one video downloader, then you can enjoy Kannada full movies offline at any time.

The Steps for Kannada Movie Download

Now we will show you the details to download free Kannada movie from YouTube or Hotstar.

Step 1. Install InsTube on Your Android Phone

You can go to the InsTube official website to get the latest version of InsTube.

Or tap the button below to downloand InsTube App:


The download and installation will be completed in seconds.

After that, you can launch it immediately without login.

Step 2. Find Kannada Movie on YouTube or Hotstar

When you find a nice Kannada movie on YouTube or Hotstar, you can copy the URL of the movie.

We will take “Brundavana Kannada full movie”, “Tarak Kannada movie” as examples.


Step 3. Kannada Movie Download via InsTube

Then you can go to InsTube and paste the URL into the bar at the top of the homepage.

Another way is input the movie name directly into the InsTube’s search bar.

For movie lovers, it will be very convenient as you don’t need to switch between different streaming sites to find the movies you want to watch.

Next, click the red download button at the bottom of the page. The downloading will be completed very quickly.


(download Kannada movie from YouTube)


(download Kannada movie from Hotstar)

Similarly, you can enter YouTube or Hotstar via InsTube and watch Kannada movie online.

For example:

Input “Rajakumara Kannada movie”, then you will find the movie that suits your fancy.

You can also get Rajakumara Kannada movie songs in the same way.


Explore More HD Movies via InsTube

There is no doubt that you can watch all your favorite movies online and download them for free.

Except movies, TV shows such as Bigg Boss Season 12 and Naagin 3 full episodes can be searched on InsTube.

Just give it a try, I bet you will love it.

Now get started with InsTube and enjoy the HD movies for free.

InsTube has a library of classic movies, such as

If you have any more questions about InsTube and Kannada movie download, contact support@instube.complease.