Kabali movie got its release date on 22 July 2016. It is a Tamil movie directed by Pa. Ranjith and starring Rajinikanth, Winston Chao, and Radhika Apte in the leading roles.

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Kabali (2016) film is about an aged gangster’s conflict with those destroying his life. So, if you want more excitement this lockdown weekend caused by COVID-19, InsTube Movie will tell more about Kabali full movie, songs, cast, and more.


Kabali (2016)

Kabali 2016 poster

The following is some basic info of the film:

  • Original Title: Kabali
  • Language: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Release Date: 22 July 2016
  • Runtime: 153 min
  • Director: Pa. Ranjith
  • Cast: Rajinikanth, Winston Chao, Radhika Apte

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Movie Review

Kabali movie review

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Kabali plot

The head of the Malaysian Gangster group '00', Kabali (Rajinikanth) is set free after 25-year prison life. Before then, Kabali got falsely charged with a massacre at a temple.

Out of prison, Kabali accuses his old gang but gets to know that his pregnant wife, Kumudha (Radhika Apte), may survive from the massacre. So, he starts looking for his wife.

Kabali out of prison

Meanwhile, Kumaran (Kalaiyarasan) is seeking revenge for his father, Maran’s (Charles Vinoth) death, because Kabali killed Maran in the massacre.

Then, Kabali has to tell him the truth about the event. It is Veera (Kishore) who stirred up trouble:

Kabali fight for Tamil right

Kabali and Veera were the followers of Kumaran’s grandfather. One day, Veera murdered him due to discontent at the gang rules. But Kabali took over the gang after his death. So, out of jealousy, Veera planned to make Kumaran’s father kill Kabali at the temple activity, but it resulted in his father’s death.

On hearing this, Kumaran forgives Kabali and tells him a clue about his wife.

Tony Lee

After that, Kabali meets Yogi (Sai Dhanshika). Yogi is sent to kill Kabali by Veera, who is working for Tony Lee (Winston Chao), head of Malaysian Gangster group '43'. But suddenly, Yogi kills her partner killers.

Kabali Kumudha and Yogi

Yogi proves to be Kabali’s daughter. She can’t finish her father, and they reunite with Kumudha. The family spends a happy time in Puducherry. But they do not know a tragedy is on its way.

What will happen to the three?

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Rajinikanth as Kabali

Rajini played Kabali, an old gangster coming back for his exoneration in the temple massacre. In the film, Kabali overcomes the hardships and reunites with his family but cannot escape from the tragedy of fate finally.

Rajinikanth is the superstar in Kollywood. He has been played in more than 270 movies, in which most of them are Tamil films.

Rajini in Kabali

In his acting career, Rajini has earned over 40 awards, including the Best Actor awards at Filmfare Awards South and Cinema Express Awards.

Besides Kabali (2016) movie, Rajini also appears in blockbusters or super-hits like

The main cast:

Kishore as Veera

  • Rajinikanth - Kabali
  • Radhika Apte – Kumudha (Kabali’s wife)
  • Sai Dhanshika – Yogi (Kabali's daughter)
  • Kishore – Veera
  • Winston Chao - Tony Lee
  • Kalaiyarasan - Kumaran (Maran's son, Nesan’s grandson)
  • Charles Vinoth – Maaran (Kumaran’s father)
  • Nassar – Nesan (Kumaran’s grandfather)
  • R. Amarendran – Velu (Veera's henchman)

Kabali Songs

Kabali songs download

Movie album for Kabali (2016) has 4 language versions: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malay. The Tamil version contains 6 soundtracks.

Kabali Songs List:

Tamil Telugu Hindi Malay
"Ulagam Oruvanukka" "Okade Okkokokade" "Jag Hei Ye Dabang Ka" "Membara"
"Maya Nadhi" "Gunde Ninna Yenno" "Jadoo Rawan Rawan" "Wilayah Kabali"
"Veera Thurandhara" "Ugra Trinetura" "Veeron Ki Bheed Mein"  
"Vaanam Paarthen" "Kalavani O Nadhi" "Taare Saare Chupke"  
"Neruppu Da" "Nippu Raa" "Aag Hun Main"  
"Thoondil Meen(Bonus)"      

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Kabali Full Movie Download

Kabali 2016 Tamil movie

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How to Download the Movie

how to download Kabali movie

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Kabali Tamil full movie download

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