Kaabil movie is one of the high-grossing Bollywood films on weekend demand. And today, let’s talk about this Hindi movie.

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Directed by Sanjay Gupta and released on 25 January 2017, Kaabil full movie stars Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy.

As Hrithik Roshan’s action thriller, the film was equally matched with Shah Rukh Khan’s action film, Raees (2017) due the same but clash opening day.

Finally, both the movies won over ₹ 200 crore in the worldwide box office. Undoubtedly, Kaabil is a big success.

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Kaabil (2017)

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  • Original Title: Kaabil
  • AKA: Balam/ Capable/ Kaabil: The Mind Sees All
  • Language: Hindi
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Release Date: 25 January 2017
  • Runtime: 139 min
  • Box Office: ₹ 208.14 crore
  • IMDb Score: 7.1/10
  • Director: Sanjay Gupta
  • Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy

Kaabil Movie Songs

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Kaabil movie album contains 5 soundtracks, which got Rajesh Roshan as the composer.

Kaabil Movie Song List:

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Movie Review

Kaabil 2017 movie review

Kaabil (2017) tells a typical Bollywood style story but wins positive reviews.

Next, let’s check more of Kaabil Hindi movie:


Kaabil 2017 movie screenshot

Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) and Supriya Sharma (Yami Gautam) are both blind but they love each other and get married.

Rohan and Supriya

One day, a drunk local villain Amit Shellar (Rohit Roy) and his friend Wasim (Sahidur Rahman) pester the couple on their way home.

And the next day, the two goons creep into the couple’s house and rape Supriya.

Supriya is raped

Rohan calls the police, but Inspector Amol Chaubey (Narendra Jha) does nothing because Amit’s brother, Madhavrao Shellar (Ronit Roy) has bribed him.

Madhavrao Shellar

Instead, the cop accuses the couple of lying. It raises Rohan’s hackles but they have to be silent.

Rohan takes revenge

After that, Amit rapes Supriya again, which causes Supriya’s suicide. This time, Rohan flies into a rage and vows to avenge his wife’s death.

But as a blind underdog, how will Rohan take his revenge on his enemies?


Hrithik Roshan as Rohan Bhatnagar

Hrithik Roshan portrayed Rohan Bhatnagar in Kaabil Hindi movie, in which he has been nominated as the Best Actor at the Filmfare Award.

He made the film a commercial success with his amazing performance that makes wrenched a sob from the audiences.

Hrithik Roshan acted as a blind man

In the film, Rohan is a blind man but murders his enemies with his talent hearing and smell. And Hrithik Roshan expressed this well via his extraordinary acting.

Rohan in Kaabil movie

Besides Kaabil, you may also be familiar with his other blockbusters:

The main cast:

Kaabil full movie 2017

  • Hrithik Roshan - Rohan Bhatnagar
  • Yami Gautam - Supriya Sharma
  • Ronit Roy - Madhavrao Shellar
  • Rohit Roy - Amit Shellar
  • Sahidur Rahman - Wasim (Amit’s friend)
  • Narendra Jha - Inspector Amol Chaubey

Well. This is all about Kaabil Full Movie Download.

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