Are you bothered with FB login issue on apps or games?

Recently we’ve received many emails complaining about FB login failure on InsTube video downloader app or other 3rd-party apps.

So, today let’s see how to fix Facebook login not working from such apps.

fix FB login to InsTube app issue

Firstly, I’d like to show what users are grumbling at.

Most of the complaints are:

  • I can’t login to apps using Facebook!
  • Unable to link InsTube with Facebook or Google+ account
  • Cannot login to 3rd party apps with FB.
  • Can’t sign in to Facebook from my games!
  • App sign-up thru Facebook is not working!
  • I got FB login failure on InsTube.

Do you meet a similar Facebook login problem?

Don’t worry.

Read on for solutions for such FB login failure problem.

top 4 ways of how to fix FB login not working issue

Quick Content:

Here, we’ll take FB login failure on InsTube app as an example.

Way #1. Check FB Login Settings

Most of the time, it is wrong FB login settings that lead to your sign-up or login issue on InsTube.

Follow the steps below to solve the issue:

Step 1. Get to FB “Apps and Websites”

Launch Facebook and then tap the “three-line menu” in the upper right corner.

Facebook three-line menu

Go to “Settings”.

Facebook settings

And then “Apps and Websites”.

Facebook Apps and Websites setting

Step 2. “Platform” Settings

Tap “Edit” beside “Apps, Websites and Games”.

Facebook settings Apps Websites and Games

On “Platform” screen, make sure the setting is turned on.

If not, tap the “Turn On” button on the screen.

Turn On button on FB Platform screen

Step 3. “Logged in with Facebook” Settings

Back to “Apps and Websites” screen.

Tap “Edit” beside “Logged in with Facebook”.

Logged in with Facebook screen

Check the app lists on the three tabs.

There are 3 sections you need to check:

Find them in FB to see if your apps are active or blocked.

1) Apps on “ACTIVE” Screen

Check if your app is on the list.

For example, InsTube is now showing.

This means you can log into InsTube app with FB account.

InsTube on FB ACTIVE app list

But if the app is gone, you should go to “EXPIRED” and “REMOVED” tab.

go to EXPIRED and REMOVED in Facebook

2) Apps on “EXPIRED” List

Expired apps may make it unable to login an app with FB account.

For example, we have InsTube app.

To change its data access to active screen, you need to tap “View” for further settings.

InsTube on FB EXPIRED app list


Facebook RENEW ACCESS setting

And then “SAVE”.

Back to the first tab and you’ll find the app is on the list.


Your InsTube app is not on “EXPIRED”?

Continue reading:

3) Apps on “REMOVED” Tab

What if your app is on “REMOVED” screen?

For example, InsTube downloader is now on the list.

InsTube on Facebook REMOVED list

In this case, you should never mind it but just launch InsTube and tap “Sign up”.

InsTube sign up with a Facebook account

Tap directly to log in with FB.

sign up InsTube with FB login

After that, you have InsTube app active on Facebook.

Well, we’ve been fiddling about with FB login settings for ages.

But if your FB login failure still persists, you may want to try the following methods:

Way #2. Check Your App Version

Here we also take InsTube downloader as an example:

If you want to make money from InsTube app, then you have to log in with a Facebook or Google account.

But you get “Login Failed” notice on InsTube.

InsTube Login Failed

To successfully connect InsTube to Facebook, make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version.

You could tap the button below to download InsTube to the latest version:


After that, you could get a $100 reward on InsTube for watching and sharing videos.

Way #3. Check Your iOS or Android Device

Sometimes, your apps or games may not get proper permissions from your smartphone.

And this will lead to FB login issue from other apps or websites.

So, you need to check your iOS or Android.

See if it has blocked some permissions.

Take Android as an example:

Step 1. Go to your phone “Settings” for “App” and find “Facebook”.

Android phone Settings App Facebook

Step 2. Select “Permissions” and tap “Set individual permissions”.

Android Facebook Permissions

Step 3. Go to “Access list of installed apps”, and you can “Allow” all apps or choose “Notify”.

Android Access list of installed apps Allow Notify

This may help to get permission when you use FB login from other apps.

Way #4. Check Facebook Network Connection

Without an Internet connection, you could not log in any app or website with Facebook account.

So, check if your smartphone has connected to Wi-Fi or data usage related network.

check network connection in FB login


That should sum up.

We’ve introduced top 4 methods to fix Facebook login from an app.

And you may need to spend some time in Facebook settings.

Plus, old app version, no system permission or zero network connection could result in FB login failure.

4 factors of FB login failure on InsTube app

Now, it is your turn.

Have you followed the steps above?

Have you fixed your FB login from InsTube issue?

Once login on InsTube using Facebook account, you can watch Bollywood movies or download Instagram videos.

Just have a try.

Please contact for more help if your FB login problem still persists.

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