Looking for the easiest method for Instagram video download on your Android phone?

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2 proven methods for Instagram video download

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Method #1. Directly Download Video from Instagram App

Method #2. Use an Instagram Video Downloader App

Instagram Video Download: 2 Proven Methods

Top 2 ways Instagram video download

Now, it is time to show you how to download video from Instagram.

Step by step, I will share the top 2 ways that can help you download Instagram videos and pictures.

Let’s begin!

In the following 2 methods, you need to launch 2 apps:

  • Instagram
  • Instube

launch Instagram and InsTube app

Start the apps on your Android and follow the steps below.


You do not know what InsTube is?

Well, it is a video downloader app that helps to get videos, movies, MP3 songs, and images from the Internet.

This app makes use of your copied URL of a video/ picture on Instagram, and then download video from Instagram.

And you can get this Instagram video downloader apk via:


Method #1. Directly Download Video from Instagram App

Now let’s continue.

Step 1. Launch your InsTube and Instagram app.

Find a video or image from Instagram.

Let’s take this lovely puppy video as an example:

Instagram video story puppy dog

Step 2. Then tap the “three-dot menu” at the upper right corner of the video story.

three-dot menu Instagram video

Now you have the menu.

Tap “Copy Link”.

Copy link for Instagram video download

Step 3. Tap the on-screen “red lightning button” in the bottom right corner.

Instagram red lightning download button

You will have a list for video/ image to download.

Now, select the JPG image or MP4 video.

Tap “Fast Download”.

select Instagram video image fast download

Since you have left InsTube app running background, it will download the Instagram video or picture silently.

After that, you can check your downloads via InsTube “My Files” or from your file manager.

Method #2. Use an Instagram Video Downloader App

In method 2, you can also get Instagram video download with the assistance of InsTube.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Start Instagram and find a video or picture.

Also, the lovely puppy video:

Instagram video lovely dog

Step 2. Tap the “three-dot menu” at the corner.

Instagram video three-dot menu

Choose “Share Link”.

Instagram video share link

Then you get another menu.

Tap “Download with InsTube”.

Instagram video download with InsTube

It will auto switch to InsTube video downloader.

Step 3. Tap the “red lightning button” to get your download list.

InsTube red lightning download button

Now, select the video or picture you need.

Hit “Fast Download”.

InsTube video image fast download

After that, check you downloaded Instagram video or image in “My Files”.


In fact, you can also use InsTube to download videos from YouTube, and

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Voot
  • Hotstar
  • More sites

download videos from 100 sites with InsTube

Thus you can watch Bollywood movies or listen to popular songs MP3 offline.

Now It’s Your Turn to Download Instagram Video

It should conclude.

We have introduced the best 2 ways to download videos from Instagram.

What’s the top method from this tutorial that you’d like to try first?

Would you like to download InsTube and start your video life?

Or maybe you want to know more about the video downloader guides?

Any questions for Instagram video download, please contact support@instube.com.

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