The Wandering Earth (AKA Liu Lang Di Qiu, 流浪地球) has become a breakout Sci-Fi movie in Hollywood style recently and ushered a new era of China’s Sci-Fi film. But this blockbuster also comes with a highly controversial topic after its premiere at home and abroad.

The Wandering Earth 2019

What do the audiences think about the movie The Wandering Earth?

Before the review of The Wandering Earth movie, let’s check some basic information about this breathtaking film success.

The Wandering Earth (2019)

the Wandering Earth movie picture

The following is some basic info about The Wandering Earth full movie.

  • English Title: The Wandering Earth

  • Original Title: Liu Lang Di Qiu (流浪地球)

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

  • Language: Mandarin, English, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean

  • Release Date: 5 February 2019

  • Length: 125 min

  • IMDb Score: 8.0/10

  • Box office: $298,110,095 (10 February 2019), $179,892,945 during opening weekend in China

  • Director: Frant Gwo

  • Story: Cixin Liu

  • Casts:

    • Chuxiao Qu - Liu Qi

    • Guangjie Li - Wang Lei

    • Jinmai Zhao  - Han Duoduo

    • Jing Wu - Liu Peiqiang

    • Man-Tat Ng - Han Ziang

    • Mike Sui - Tim

    • Yichi Zhang - Li Yiyi

The Wandering Earth movie casts

The Storyline of The Wandering Earth Full Movie

The movie The Wandering Earth (2019) is based on a short story also named The Wandering Earth (2000) by Cixin Liu, the Hugo Award winning author of 2015 for his Three-Body Problem.

director Frant Gwo of The Wandering Earth

Directed by Frant Gwo and starring Jing Wu, Man-Tat Ng, Guangjie Li and Chuxiao Qu The Wandering Earth movie tells a story of the near future, when the Sun is in its exhaustion and the Earth turns into its doomsday.

The Wandering Earth movie still

People struggle to keep all the races alive and start their escape plan, “The Wandering Earth”. They build giant planet thrusters to propel the Earth out of the Solar System and head for the new stellar system.

One day, a Chinese astronaut, Liu Peiqiang (Jing Wu), has to leave for his mission to a space station, parting from his son Liu Qi (Chuxiao Qu).

Liu Peiqiang Jing Wu in The Wandering Earth movie

17 years after that, young Liu Qi brings his adopted sister Han Duoduo (Jinmai Zhao) to the frozen surface by stealing the panzer of grandfather, Han Ziang (Man-Tat Ng). But they encounter the thrusters’ breakdown caused by Jupiter's gravity.

After that, their vehicle gets the requisition for a rescue mission by the United Earth Government soldiers led by Wang Lei (Li Guangjie).

The Wandering Earth still

The group comes across another earthquake and get loss of both life and vehicles. However, they meet Li Yiyi (Yichi Zhang), an onboard engineer, and start the Sulawesi rescue mission.

Afterwards, they plan to prevent the crash between the Earth and Jupiter by igniting Jupiter with the Sulawesi thruster.

Meanwhile, the AI on the space station, MOSS, sneakily commands the space station to escape in spite of the humans on Earth.

Liu Peiqiang realizes MOSS’s conspiracy and sacrifices himself to help Liu Qi ignite Jupiter's hydrogen.

Liu Lang Di Qiu movie still

Will they successfully save the Earth from destruction and continue their “Plan of The Wandering Earth”?

Controversy about The Wandering Earth

The movie The Wandering Earth is the first Sci-Fi attempt by China’s film industry.

At first, there is not such a decent Sci-Fi & fantasy movie in China, and most of the people think little of the film. But to their surprise, The Wandering Earth marks the start of an epoch in science fiction film of the country.

sci-fi movie visual effect

In fact, The Wandering Earth hit the screen on the Chinese New Year’s Day (5 February 2019), when movies are in fierce competition to win people’s eyes.

Up to 10 February, the movie has got a box office of over 2,000,000,000 RMB, further exceeding other six films and rank the top 1 during the open weekend China. Most of the audiences think it is a cool masterpiece definitely worth watching.

box office of the Wandering Earth movie

Nevertheless, The Wandering Earth is still a disputable movie. And part of the audiences complained about this fantasy in several areas:

#1 The Wandering Earth Copies the American Epic Disaster Movies

Some audiences deem that The Wandering Earth traces the Hollywood disaster films to a great extent, including the plot, characters, exaggerated visual effect and heroism.

Hollywood disaster films

#2 Failings in Acting & Plot

As a water test of science fiction movie, the film seems vulnerable in its acting and storytelling.

For example, the movie is at an uneven pace and in a mess, making it not mind-catching to the plot.

Also, the characters are depicted as thin as a piece of paper and lack depth.

the Wandering Earth movie screenshot

#3 Not Understandable for Western Audiences

There are too many Chinese taglines or tricks, which may make audiences in American culture confused.

For example, if you don’t know Chinese characters, you may not understand why the leading role, Liu Qi, is also called “Hu Kou”. In fact, “Qi (启)” looks similar to “Hu Kou (户口)” in the character writing.

Chinese character Liu Qi in the Wandering Earth

What’s more, many western audiences may also ask - Why not escape to another star system by spaceship rather than wandering the earth?

Actually, it is the difference between the values of Chinese and that of American. The former focus more on family, hometown and collectivism than on the individual.

spaceship launching in the Wandering Earth

#4 A Blockbuster with Serious Logical Mishaps

As we all know, almost all the breakout films are overhyped with their amazing cinematography, including The Wandering Earth. The movie contains some illogical scenario, making no sense for audiences who are knowledgeable.

For instance, all living matter cannot live without the Sun, and how can those living creatures survive after sailing the Earth away from the Sun?

thrusters engine in the Wandering Earth movie

thrusters in the Wandering Earth

Though The Wandering Earth is far from perfect and still takes criticism, as the first step of China’s big-budget SF movie, this film receives wishes from James Cameron on Sina Weibo.

“Good luck with your space journey of the Wandering Earth. Good luck with the voyage of China’s sci-fi films”, wrote the well-known Hollywood director.

James Cameron wished good luck to the Wandering Earth

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