Parava Malayalam movie download - Parava (2017) is one of the Malayalam movies worthy to download.

Directed by Soubin Shahir and starring Amal Shah, Dulquer Salmaan, Govind V. Pai and Shane Nigam, Parava full movie tells a story about Haseeb and Ichappi, two boys who love pigeon taming.

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Parava Malayalam movie download 2017

The following is some basic information about the film:

About Parava (2017)

  • Original Title: Parava (AKA Bird)
  • Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Release Date: 21 September 2017
  • Length: 147 min
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  • Director: Soubin Shahir
  • Casts:

Amal Shah - Ichappi (Irshad)


Govind V. Pai - Haseeb


Shane Nigam - Shane


Dulquer Salmaan - Imran


Arjun Asokan - Hakeem

Srinda Ashab - Habeeba

The Plot of Parava Full Movie

Ichappi and Haseeb in Parava Malayama movie

Ichappi (Amal Shah) and Haseeb (Govind V. Pai) are teenage boys who are interested in pigeon racing.

And Ichappi has a brother, Shane (Shane Nigam), who suffers some setback and stay at home without talking to anybody.

pigeon taming in Parava movie

One day, Ichappi fails to pass his exam to grade 9.

Despite all this, Ichappi starts to court a girl in Haseeb's class in the new term.

Another day, when the two boys are playing cricket, they meet two drugsters, who make Ichappi recall Shane's story.

Ichappi looks at the girl in Haseeb class

Shane had once been a star player in Imran's (Dulquer Salmaan) cricket club.

One day, Shane and other members went to chide Habeeba's (Srinda Ashab) boss for her brother, Hakeem (Arjun Asokan).

However, on their way, they encountered a gang of addicts and had a fight with them by accident.

Shane and Imran in Parava Malayama movie

Imran turned furious when knowing about this. He tried to quell the fights of both sides but led to his death.

After that, Shane blamed himself for his responsible for Imran's death and isolated himself from others.

Without thinking more, Ichappi continues his court with the girl but is refused.

Then he has to take his pigeons with Haseeb and take part in a pigeon flying competition.

However, on the competition day, their prize-winner pigeons are stolen by their competitors, including the cage.

And then they find it is the addicts who catch the birds for revenge of Shane.

cricket in Parava

With the help of the cricket club members and Shane 's father, the addicts are dislodged.

After that, Shane backs to his friends, and Ichappi and Haseeb continue their pigeon taming.

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