Shadaa movie is one of the highest-grossing Punjabi films. After hitting the screen on 21 June 2019, “Shadaa movie download” became the frequent searching word. Plus, the romantic-comedy received positive reviews.

Starring Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa in the pivotal roles, Shadaa (2019) movie got directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, who also directed Qismat (2018)

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Shadaa full movie is about a bachelor falling in love with a girl who does not want to get married.

If you want a laughing-out-loud weekend, InsTube Movie will tell more about Shadaa full movie download, songs, cast, and more.


Shadaa (2019)

Shadaa 2019 poster

The following is some basic info of the film:

  • Original Title: Shadaa
  • AKA: Bachelor
  • Language: Punjabi
  • Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
  • Release Date: 21 June 2019
  • Runtime: 128 min
  • Director: Jagdeep Sidhu
  • Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Sonam Bajwa

Now, let’s see more details:

Movie Review

Shadaa movie review

The word “shadaa” means “bachelor” in the Punjabi language. So, Shadaa full movie is about a bachelor and his life. Though the main characters show an attitude of anti-marriage, in fact, both of them want to find the right person for their life.

The Punjabi comedy can make you roll on the floor laughing when it comes to the rooster scene. Due to the tight plot script and the decent editing, Shadaa (2019) movie has made a buzz and earned a box office of ₹52.75 crore around the world.

Diljit and Neeru

As an effort of director Jagdeep Sidhu, Shadaa Punjabi movie made Diljit and Neeru reunite and share the same screen after their Sardaar Jiin 2015. The on-screen couple also teamed up in Jatt & Juliet 2 in 2013.

Next, let’s check more of Shadaa full movie:


Shadaa plot

Chadta (Diljit Dosanjh) is a village young man around the age of marriage. His family always presses him and hurries him into getting married to some girl. But Chadta has not met his dream girl after several failed blind dates.

One day, Chadta meets Vanjhali (Neeru Bajwa) at someone’s wedding. Vanjhali is a young girl growing up in a rich family. Chadta falls for her at first sight and believes Vanjhali is the perfect match.

Chadta falls for Vanjhali

After that, due to their working relationship, Chadta always approaches Vanjhali when they are working together.

As a rural bachelor bordering on 30 years of age, Chadta longs to marry Vanjhali. But Chadta dear not to express his feeling to her because of Vanjhali’s rough disdain towards his rustic and coarse manners. Later, he even learns that 31-year-old Vanjhali rejects any forced marriage.

Chadta and Vanjhali

Soon, Vanjhali decides to marry Bagh Singh (Jagjeet Sandhu), a man who covets her big house. But when knowing Vanjhali’s relationship with Chadta, Bagh cancels the wedding, which brings disgrace on Vanjhali’s family.

Vanjhali rejects marriage

So, Vanjhali’s parents forced her to marry Chadta. On the other hand, Chadta pretends not to want a marriage even though he loves Vanjhali.

Then, at their wedding, Vanjhali is missing.

Where is Vanjhali?

Will Chadta and Vanjhali be together?

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Diljit Dosanjh as Chadta

Diljit Dosanjh was roped in the leading man, Chadta, in Shadaa (2019) Punjabi movie. In the film, Chadta is a bachelor looking for the best match as his wife. But when meeting Vanjhali, he is afraid of marrying her; even the families agree to the marriage. They do not want to marry in haste unless they identify that both fall for each other.

Diljit Dosanjh in Shadaa movie

The film was made to inspire the audiences to think more about modern marriage. And Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa did a good job to manage it.

Besides Shadaa Punjabi movie, Diljit Dosanjh also appeared in some Hindi super-hits, such as

The main cast:

Neeru Bajwa as Vanjhali

  • Diljit Dosanjh - Chadta
  • Neeru Bajwa - Vanjhali
  • Jagjeet Sandhu - Baagh Singh
  • Anita Devgan - Chadta's mother
  • Hardeep Gill - Chadta's father
  • Gurpreet Bhangu - Chadta's Taayi
  • Prince Kanwaljit Singh - Chadta's cousin

Shadaa Songs

Shadaa songs download

The movie album for Shadaa (2019) contains 6 soundtracks. Diljit Dosanjh gave voice to 5 of the songs, while Sonam Bajwa made a guest appearance in the music video of the song "Tommy".

Shadaa Songs List:

  • "Shadaa (Title Song)"
  • "Mehndi"
  • "Tommy"
  • "Expensive"
  • "Mehfil"
  • "Mor"

Note: You can get Shadaa songs download in MP3 from YouTube with a YouTube video downloader app.

Shadaa Movie Download

Shadaa 2019 Punjabi movie

To protect the movie copyright, we recommend you to online watch Shadaa full movie or download it via movie sites with the copyright.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many OTT platforms have allowed the latest movie streaming, such as Zee5, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, etc. And Shadaa Punjabi movie got its digital release on Amazon Prime Video.

But how should we download Shadaa movie in Punjabi, Telugu, Hindi, or other dubbed languages?

How to Download the Movie

how to download Shadaa movie

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Shadaa full movie InsTube

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Shadaa Punjabi movie download

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But we still recommend you watch the movie at a local theatre or download it from sites with the copyright. If we do not download leaked movies, then piracy sites may gradually decrease Shadaa movie download.

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